What Is A Roto-Molded Cooler And How Is It Made

What Is A Roto-Molded Cooler And How Is It Made

Sometimes even the ice chests on wheels are not as good for the occasion as a roto-molded ones. Roto-molded coolers have become a trendy topic these days. Maybe it’s about time we got on the band wagon and learned what it is and how it is made.

Rotational molding technology

Many cooler models have roto-molded frames, which puts them into a higher priced category. Roto-molding is a method of shaping plastic in a particular way. The final product has no seals or structural flaws and is more secure and sturdy than normal coolers. In more depth, here is what the process of roto-molding is carried out.

In a nutshell, roto-molding means filling a cast with hot plastic and twisting it until a uniform layer is formed down the whole frame. In other words, raw plastic substance is melted and adhered to the mold walls – normally a measured quantity of more adjustable, more costly polymer. Afterwards, the mold is rotated in an oven in different directions (along, up-down) guaranteeing an even layer of the material. The outcome is a final product with even density throughout the mold, particularly at the rim and stress riser spots.

This manufacturing technique makes a smaller ecological footprint, since the melting of the plastic dusts is conducted without direct flames or heat sources. The oven functions using induction method. This method is more time-consuming than other traditional plastic molding practices like injection molding but produces a tougher, more sustainable cooler.

Pros of roto-molded coolers

Here is what you gain from using the roto-molding technology for coolers and why should consider buying it.

Wall density, for instance, makes it possible for a cooler to provide a wide uniform layer of foam padding along the cooler frame. You can achieve a very intricate layout because of this spinning method, which is why coolers made that way can have uncommon shapes. This helps to expand on essential details such as efficient drainage, higher portability and overall convenience.

One-piece structure on a roto-molded cooler equals fewer seams, edges, stress riser spots and less exposure to wear and tear. This structure also reduces chances of rusting at locks and hooks. Hefty, more reliable plastic is much better for a cooler that will stand the test of time.


The price for roto-molded coolers can go up because of several factors:

  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • Limited material alternatives.
  • Extra costs of add-ons, powdering stage and human labor.

In conclusion

Roto-molded coolers have their frames made by a rotation and covering method that enhances toughness and sturdiness over time. Moreover, it is made with top-grade plastics that are more likely to be in your service for a long time. The designs are interesting and ensure even wall thickness. However, all these perks are pointless if you can’t afford it. So it’s up to you – if you are in the position to splash out, you won’t regret it.

So You Want to Start a Record Label

If you ever wake up one morning and think to yourself, “I have way too much money and way too few gray hairs,” I have a suggestion: start a record label. That’s what I did in the winter of 2008 when I started my own independent record label.
As far back as I can remember I always wanted to play a band signed with a record label. Then a friend of mine got signed with his band and I thought it had to be the coolest thing in the world. I asked him what it was like – did he get big royalty checks, are they planning a world tour, have you met this artist or that artist that’s signed on the label too?
The answers were very disappointing, “I get a check every three months or so for a few dollars, we are planning our own national tour, and I’ve really only talked to our A&R guy twice.”
Fast forward a few years and I’m sitting in my rehearsal room, talking with the band about planning our next record and what labels we should solicit, when I had the same bright idea I’m sure every other musician sitting in my spot has: I’ll just start my own label!
Music is my one true love; from the moment I played my first show in my grammar school library I knew that music was what I wanted to do. Fourteen years later, three cities, more bands than I can count, and several stylistic changes later I was still sitting in the same rehearsal room doing the same things. Now was the perfect time to do something different and something I could have true passion for.
I had been laid off from my previous corporate job and I reckoned if I could run someone else’s business then I could run my own. I had been in sales and management for ten years and had always wanted to own my own business and since no one was hiring me at the time, I hired myself.
Now, over three years later I have had the opportunity to work with some very talented musicians, producers, engineers, and artists, but getting from there to here wasn’t as easy as I thought.
A&R: Simultaneously the Most Frustrating and Fun Part of the Job
Chicago has an awesome music scene, but sifting through the muck is a daunting task. I put several ads on Craigslist announcing the label and soliciting for artists; I received over one hundred responses within the first week.
A few tips for bands that are soliciting labels:
MySpace is a great place to showcase your music to your fans, but not to labels – the sound quality is poor at best.
Include a little bit about yourself – there is more to a band than its music. If you have a story, tell it.
Make sure you are ready to solicit labels; just because your girlfriend thinks you’re a rock star, it doesn’t mean anyone else will.
The Fun Part
Going to shows has to be best part of the job. What other job allows you to hang out in some great clubs and venues, see live music, enjoy adult beverages, and hang out with some incredibly talented musicians?
In my opinion, a band’s live show makes or breaks them. I have heard some amazing tracks sent to me only to be let down by a band that mopes around on stage.
Time is Your Worst Enemy
Recording schedules, day jobs, line-up changes, funding challenges, and studio issues make what you anticipate to be a three-month project into an eighteen-month project. Nothing goes according to schedule, so be prepared, and more importantly, keep the artists prepared. Bands can disappear when they feel they aren’t at the point they should be, but they aren’t always aware of what happens behind the scenes to get that record in their hands.
What Worked in the Past Won’t Always Work in the Future
The music industry is undergoing a revolution, and when the dust settles, those that embrace technology and cater to the changing ways in which consumers find, buy, and listen to music will still be standing.
When people ask where they can buy our records, I list off all of the popular online destinations. Then they ask, “Why so you don’t sell CDs?” and I ask in return, “When was the last time you bought a CD?” The answer is always a resounding, “I can’t remember!”
Think and Act Differently
People don’t get their music the same way they used to, and the industry needs to be flexible to adapt. My label decided to be an all-digital label, partnering with a distributor that gets our artists to just about everywhere people go for music, including the consistently growing music streaming sites.
We also operate on a profit-sharing system where we split the revenue with the artist over the traditional royalty structure. I thought back to my friend and his checks for a few dollars, and I wanted to do something different. So instead of the artists making tiny percentages off of high-cost physical media, they take a large cut of a low distribution cost digital sale.
So if you think you have what it takes, go for it! Just remember that they call it the music business for a reason.

The Charisma of Classical Music

Classical music is one of the most cherished forms of music; however, there are not many takers on it. People who are classical composition fans will always resort to finding solace in listening to their favorite tunes coming from some of the best traditional music composers.
Many people who listen to this form of music find it quite complex. Hence, there is not much of real appreciation for this form of music, since it requires profound comprehension of musical notes. These people fail to comprehend and appreciate the beauty and charm of traditional composition.
The study of classical music basically depends upon your taste for music. It might be that one form of composition appeals to you but not to others. Similarly, there might be instances where a traditional music expert might try to influence you with their judgment of classical music; though you can never understand what they mean to say until you begin to understand it.
A lot of people are not comfortable listening to classical composition at all. One major reason for this is the complexity and distance from the artist. The best way out to appreciate and understand classical music is learning it. Sometimes it can take too long to understand it. It totally depends upon the interest and dedication of the person.
There are many young music composers who are eager to learn and adopt classical music as their major mode of singing. There are different websites that promote these young singers who wish to study traditional music seriously. These music-oriented websites facilitate young singers to interact and share their art with each other. Moreover, many seasoned musicians also help those young composers to create better music. Many also promote young and budding artists to get some of the best opportunities in the music industry.
Classical composition was composed during the time period of 1750 to 1820. Modern traditional music emerged later and can now be heard commonly in the musical tracks of all genres. You can also listen to the theme of classical music being played in the background of video games. These themes are not sourced from plain traditional music, but are written especially to be played by an orchestra. People who write this form of music are trained in traditional composition.
Today, classical music has its own significance in the world of composition. There are hundreds of traditional music concerts held throughout the world. Thousands of people flock to these concerts just to hear the mesmerizing vocals of the legends, while many only appear to catch a glimpse of their favorite classical singers.

Top Tips for Music Composers to Create Inspirational Music

Everyone likes to hear good music. Some people take inspirations from music because it allows them to feel better when they are a little down or undergoing turbulent moods. Music has a lot of effect on the lives and moods of people. It can help people come out of depression as well.
Music composers get all the credit for composing such stupendous music compositions. If you are one of those who create music, then here are a few tips that will help you to create inspirational music for your audience.
1. Evaluate Your Personality
Firstly, you should evaluate your personality as to what kind of music you like and can create masterpieces with. Do you like acoustics, rock, or funky, upbeat songs? If you love acoustics, ensure that you are familiar with the use of a guitar and can produce great music pieces with the instrument. If you like funky music, then you should consider composing beats that make the listeners dance to your tunes.
2. Add Personal Touch to Your Beats
Concentrate on creating unique beats. Practice with different beats and try combining them to compose music that becomes your signature style. Doing so will help people recognize your music because they will be able to identify your signature style.
3. Make Use of Music Instrument and Software
Today, there are several music software and instrument available that can filter and define your music composition in a better version. Also, the software is designed to help you create your own unique beats. It is good to use the one that allows you to produce different beats at a time. You can also use different software and instrument together to produce beats.
4. Join a Music Forum
Music forums are the best places for music composers to get lots of useful tips, techniques, advice and other invaluable resources. Search forums over the internet and join the ones that are active and offer free of cost resources. These forums also give you a chance to get advice from renowned musicians who have several years of experience.
5. Take Opinions from Family and Friends
You can get lots of advice from your family and friends. Ask them to listen to your music and give ideas for the changes they want you to make to it. If you think that their ideas are great, modify your beats. Music compositions require hard work, dedication and patience. Music composers can create the best music only if they work passionately towards their goal.